WinterLight Senior Care

WinterLight’s assessment helps you proactively provide the right amount of care and activities to seniors, and offer informative updates to family members.

How can WinterLight's assessment help your residents?

Senior care providers can use WinterLight’s quick and engaging assessment to help shape and assess their cognitive health plans.

Seniors with subjective memory complaints, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia decline at different rates. Regular cognitive assessments would help caregivers track care recipients and determine objectively when they need a different level of care.

Unlike traditional cognitive assessments, like the MMSE and MoCA, which can be stressful for the patient, our 2-minute assessment is engaging and easy to administer since seniors are simply describing pictures.

Seniors, and seniors with dementia, report that they enjoy doing WinterLight’s quick 2-minute assessment: all they have to do is describe a picture.

WinterLight will be launching its senior care assessment in Fall 2017. Please contact us ( for a free demo.