WinterLight Labs has developed a novel AI technology that can quickly and accurately quantify speech and language patterns to help detect and monitor cognitive and mental diseases.

AI assisted speech-based diagnostic platform

WinterLight Labs is developing a proprietary AI diagnostic platform that can objectively assess and monitor cognitive health. Our platform can analyze natural speech to detect and monitor dementia, aphasia, and various cognitive conditions. Using a short one-minute sample of speech, WinterLight can characterize the speaker's cognitive, acoustic and linguistic state, including lexical diversity, syntactic complexity, semantic content, and articulation.

Using samples of a person’s speech, WinterLight’s platform analyzes hundreds of linguistic cues and can detect dementia of the Alzheimer type and other conditions with accuracies between 82% and 100%, as reported in our peer-reviewed academic studies. WinterLight’s platform provides major improvements over current pencil-and-paper tests which can be time-consuming, subjective, costly, coarse, and challenging to administer. Our platform has applications in clinical trials, long-term and primary care, and speech-language pathology.

WinterLight’s software is based on years of experience and academic, peer-reviewed research. Our team has extensive experience in cognitive neurology, speech technology, and artificial intelligence, and we continue to actively publish in top journals and conferences.

Our assessment: how we collect speech

WinterLight Speech Analysis

How our speech and language analysis works

WinterLight Speech Analysis

People with Alzheimer’s have word finding difficulties which results in longer pauses between words, more hesitation, using more pronouns and fewer nouns (e.g. “her” instead of “Rita”) and using less complex words (e.g. “car” instead of “sedan”). In contrast, a person with Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis sounds different but might use the same language as a neurologically healthy senior.

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